EasySDI V4 is now available for download. It is compatible with the version 3 of JOOMLA .
This version has been completely rewritten to provide more ergonomic interfaces and simplified installation.

The main features of EasySDI :
- Data Catalog
- Order and extract data
- Map Viewer
- Management of OGC services with security rules and spatial filtering
- Monitoring of webservices
- Statistical Dashboard

The main new features :
- Links between viewer and catalog
- New data management interface based on Bootstrap
- Security optimised for OGC webservices
- New interface for shopping cart
- Improved management of user rights

With EasySDI V4, the deployment of SDI has never been easier.

More info: http://www.easysdi.org
Download: https://forge.easysdi.org/projects/easysdi/files
Documentation: https://forge.easysdi.org/projects/easysdi/wiki/Documentation

Thanks to contributors :
Canton de Berne

EasySDI steering committee