easySDI is a complete web-based platform for deploying any geoportal. It fully integrates services such as discovery, view, download, monitor in a secured environment. Here are easySDI's main features :

CATALOG : give visibility to your data

  • Publish your metadata in a unified catalog
  • Manage and describe any type of data you want: dataset, layer, map ... even shoes or bunnies, your catalog is generic
  • Build or extend your metadata model(s) to fit your needs in a comprehensive graphic interface
  • Be compliant with INSPIRE or local laws and follow ISO norms
  • Build as many "sub catalogs" as you want, with custom search fields, custom look and custom content
  • Get your catalog harvested (CSW)

SHOP : make your data available

  • Let your users order geographic datasets online, like in any webstore
  • Propose instant download, with direct download or via a map to choose a sub-dataset!
  • Secure access to your data with fine granularity on download and order
  • Want to sell your datasets? Offer instant price calculation in the basket
  • Need a order validation process ? It's built-in
  • Want to automatize the distribution process ? Connect your own extractor with EasySDI shop WPS

PROXY : manage your webservices

  • Secure your OGC web services (WMS, WFS, CSW, WMTS)
  • Aggregate them and configure their capabilities
  • Restrict access by users, groups, or organisms... or open them to all !
  • Log access to your service and trace them

DASHBOARD : your geoportal at a glance

  • Get a clear view of what is available on your platform
  • Include KPI (Key performance indicators) to enable instantaneous or periodic information
  • Follow the activity of your CATALOG, your SHOP, etc.

MONITOR : keep your infrastructure healthy

  • Be sure all your webservice are up !
  • Check the availability and performance of your OGC web services
  • Report on scores/health for each tested service
  • Warn administratir via email or RSS according to treshold values (timeout) or errors (HTTP errors or OGC exceptions).

MAP : publish your data online

  • Offer a geodata viewer online to all your users
  • Annotate, search and query your data via a simple web-browser
  • Print maps to PDF
  • Export images